Rise of the Runelords

2.1 - Murder Most Foul

After some much needed R&R – and the surprise return of Kurama – the PCs were once again approached by Sheriff Hemlock, this time regarding a series of murders in Sandpoint and the surrounding environs.

The first scene was at an abandoned barn south of town while the second was inside the lumber mill. It was a gruesome scene that ended with the deaths of Banny Harker & Katrine Vinder, both in unusual fashion. Even more interesting was a note pinned to one of the deceased with Savanni’s name on it reading “You will learn to love me, desire me in time as she did. Give yourself to tge Pack and it shall all end. – Your Lordship

After following up on some leads – most notably Ibor Thorn (who discovered the scene) and Ven Vinder (Katrine’s father), the PCs set out to search the lumber mill for clues. After a thorough search two main pieces of information were discovered. The first being the rune carved into Harker’s chest, while the second was that someone – or something – made its way up from the river into the mill.

Intrigued and more than a bit unsettled, the PCs decided to head out to Habe’s Sanatorium to question Grayst Sevilla, the body who managed to survive the first set of murders just a few days ago…


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