Rise of the Runelords

2.4 Misgivings

After taking a quick jaunt down to Magnimar to cure Dwarin’s blindness (courtesy of the necromancer), the group decided to head to Foxglove Manor to follow a bunch of clues that they had pieced together.

After a quick B&E by Kurama, the group set off to exploring the Manor. It wasn’t long into their search that heard sobbing coming from upstairs. Following the sounds they found the revenant of Iesha Foxglove. After breaking “her” out of the trance she was in, she immediately sought vengance against her husband-turned-killer, Aldern.

Quick to follow, the PC were lead into the depths underneath the manor, running into a speed bump or two along the way. Finally catching up to Iesha, the PCs confronted the now-undead Aldern and made him perma-dead. Searching around in the caverns, they came across a dark patch of fungus which turned out to be the phylactery of the lich Vorel Foxglove. Wisely deciding to destroy the abomination, the PC lifted the evil residing over the mansion.

With the lich gone & the mansion now free from almost all of its dangers, the PCs made quick work of searching & clearing out the rest of the mansion in which they were able to find their next clue – a note to Aldern from Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven – pointing him (and now the PCs) towards returning to his townhome in Magnimar where upon her agents would contact him.


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