Rise of the Runelords

2.5 - Chasing the Skinsaw

After clearing out the ghoul infestation in the farmlands, the PCs decided following up on the note they found in the Foxglove mansion to be the logical course of action and thus headed back to the sprawling city of Magnimar.

Once inside the city gates, they set out to find the Foxglove townhouse – a much more modest (& pleasant) living accommodation than the mansion to search for clues. Finding the ground floor locked and boarded up, they forced their way inside only to be welcomed by Iesha Foxglove. Taken aback but intrigued by this turn of events, the PCs accepted her offer of dinner while trying to figure out what was really going on.

In a gesture of courtesy and good-will, Ostarian offered to help bring out some refreshments and followed Iesha to the kitchen where a man was preparing food. To his surprise, when the man turned to face him, Ostarian saw Aldern Foxglove – now deceased – staring back at him.

Not like these 2-on-1 odds, he made a hasty retreat back to the group as combat started. Knowing their cover was blown, the two faceless stalkers reverted to their original forms and were quickly overpowered by the PCs.

Taking this opportunity to search the now empty town-home, the PCs uncovered the next breadcrumb in the trail – the deed to the Foxglove Manor with references to both the Brotherhood of the Seven and the Seven’s Sawmill.


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