Rise of the Runelords

2.6 - The Seven's Sawmill

Setting off for the Seven’s Sawmill – situated amongst many other such lumber mills on Kyver’s Islet on the banks of the Yondabakari River – the PCs find a normal, run of the mill (get it!) operation. While the two doors are locked, it seems that by all appearances it is a functioning mill. Gaining entry first to the undermill section where the waterwheels churn, they are escorted up and around to the main floor of the mill by cleverly posing as potential customers.

Trying to openly explore the mill leads them to confront some workers who warn them that the dangerous machinery scattered about is quite dangerous and the group gets escorted back down to the loading bay area where they are met after a short wait by the operator of the mill – Justice Ironbriar.

As the honorable Justice feels out the true intent of the group, patience eventually wears thin and combat ensues. Cultists come rushing to the aid of their master as battle lines are drawn and the tight quarters work against the cultists superior numbers. Soon, all are dead by the PCs hands – Ironbriar included. While Ostarian jaunts off to grab the local guardsmen, Kurama conducts a quick sweep of the property and turns up quite a few pieces of useful information as well as a macabre display of twisted human faces in Ironbriar’s office.

Needing to talk their way out of a sticky – and bloody – situation, the group is eventually exonerated from any wrongdoing when Ostarian, Kurama, and a local expert of the guards payroll are able to decipher Ironbriar’s coded journal. Details regarding someone referred to as the “lovely” Xanesha and the new method of murder she’s provided the Justice with as well as their frequent meeting at the Shadow Clock comes to light.

Greeted – and urged – by Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras himself, the PCs have their next task in hand. Find Xanesha and bring her to Justice!


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