Rise of the Runelords

Dealings with the Scribbler

“Abadar, protect me”, I shouted as a knee jerk reaction to the sight of the blade wielding Scribbler mere feet away from me. The Dancing Lights spell cast shadows on his facial features giving him a sinister appearance. This time his voice was not one of reason and parlay but one of unpronounceable magical utterances. He was casting a spell!
It took but an instant but my mind works very quickly when the needs arises. I saw just how precarious my situation had become. As the compulsion ended and my mind cleared I immediately took note of several things. First, I had sealed my escorts in a cathedral of the Mother of Beasts with little chance of escape. Second, my latest challenge was not only casting a spell but brandishing a pair of wicked looking swords. Third, and worst of all I was alone, no Sysstean and no escorts. Finally the group had been attacked by a Suggestion which effectively split the party. I remember, I falsely believed they wanted to sacrifice me to the Mother of Beasts. I do so hate enchantments. So I immediately cast a minor teleport spell to get me back to the entrance to the cathedral dedicated to the Mother of Beasts. Then I cast a Wall of Stone to seal them in the Cathedral. I hope they survive…Maybe it’d be better if they survive AND forgive me. That’s not important NOW.
Now I had to compete with the Scribbler and survive. What spell is he casting? Looks as if he is summoning something. Damn! That worshiper of Lamashtu got the jump on me. If I begin a summoning of my own his summons will appear before I finish and be able to break up my concentration. Then I should break up his concentration with an offensive spell. Drat! Only easily countered Magic Missiles are left. All hope is lost! I will be defeated by a follower of Lamashtu. I shall forever walk this cathedral as a…Better another string of thoughts than to wallow about this fate.
Maybe I can reason with the Scribbler. My words have proven effective before. I can be quite the charming fellow when given the time. I must depart from this course as the summon creature or creatures of the Scribbler will surely not grant me any time to begin a proper parlay. It will attack as soon as it is able.
Clear my mind. Ah yes! I remember when I was an apprentice at the cathedral of Abadar in Magnimar. Whenever I got into a duel with one of the acolytes and I summoned one of my creatures they would negate the spell by a simple protection spell. Then it came to me. I knew the course of action I now must take. If worse came to worse I would cast another minor teleport spell and travel back to the last place I saw the group. I would try to reason with them and break the compulsion. I knew there was little chance of success with that.
First things first, I would fly up out of range of the Scribblers’ sword and then negate the usefulness of his summons. At that time I shall enter a parlay with him and show him the basic failures of his core beliefs. Both he and I will come up with a bargain that can help us all. Abadar be praised and bless us all.


Bmd15 Meirdrarel

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