Rise of the Runelords

The Swallowtail Festival

Sandpoint was abuzz with excitement and merriment as the Swallowtail Festival had finally arrived. It was a new chapter in the town’s history with the new Cathedral set to be consecrated. The streets were bustling early as vendors set up shop, the inns and restaurants started cooking the days meals and refreshments, games were being set up, and the final touches were being put on the central stage in front of the cathedral.

Not long thereafter, the locals and visitors alike – including the PCs – started making their way out in preparation for the opening speeches and a day spent enjoying all that Sandpoint had to offer. Once the speeches concluded, the festival officially got underway.

Mingling about the town the PCs drank in the festivities – crossing paths a number of times as they ate, drank, and played. A bit of a friendly rivalry developed between Dwaren and Savanni while Ostarian and Kurama seemed to develop a bit of a rapport – thanks in large part to Ostarian “buying” Kurama drink after drink!

As the sun started to set in the Western sky, the crowd started migrating towards the Cathedral for the consecration ceremony. As the PCs intermingled in the crowd, Father Zantus took the stage. Using a thunderstone to draw the crowd’s attention, the good Father took a second to gather his breath only to be interrupted by a shrill scream from somewhere in the back of the crowd. This was echoed by another, then another, and another as a cacophony of voices – both human and other – rose from around the square.

Suddenly, it was pandemonium. Festival-goers were running in all directions as a full out goblin assault had taken Sandpoint by surprise. Jumping into action, the PCs quickly teamed up and dispatched the goblins in the immediate vicinity before moving on to a second group. As they continued on, their attention was drawn to a cry for help only to find a lone nobleman corned by a pack of the filthy little creatures. Taking the goblins by surprise, the PCs easily handled them, rescuing a man by the name of Aldern Foxglove.

By this point, the assault was all but over. The town guard and militia had rallied after the initial surprise and had vanquished what remained of the goblin forces, forcing those left alive to flee back north in the wilderness.

After a quick chat with Sheriff Hemlock, the PCs then returned to the Rusty Dragon for a meal and some drink before deciding how to proceed…


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