Rise of the Runelords


Part I

After emerging from the Catacombs of Wrath, the PCs were quick to seek help in investigating their findings in the hidden complex. Half the party set out to seek counsel from the Thassilonian scholar Brodert Quink in regards to any knowledge he had regarding the strange pool. The other half sought out Father Zantus for any information he could share in regards to Lamashtu.

With the machinations in place to hopefully quell whatever evil remained inside the walls of the long forgotten Thassilonian shrine, and with Sheriff Hemlock back from Magnimar with his reinforcements, the PCs were quick to catch him up on the proceedings from the past few days. Once fully up to speed, the decision was made for the group to head to Thistletop – the base of operations for the plots against Sandpoint – for the PCs to face this foes once and for all and restore peace to the region.

With Dwarin’s help the group was able to locate a trail used by the goblins comes to and from Thistletop. Upon finding a hidden entrance to the compound the PCs dealt with a number of goblins as they twisted their way through the maze of bramble, finally arriving at the bridge that would lead them to the curious round island of Thistletop.

Once safely across the PCs methodically worked their way through the ground floor of the complex, dispatching most all of the Thistletop tribe. Finally, they encountered the leader of this band of goblins, Warchief Ripnugget. A failed attempt at diplomacy followed and a skirmish quickly broke out due to the Warchief’s high opinion of himself. The goblin chief and his brethren were no match for the group and were quickly dealt with.

What lies deeper in the island still remains a mystery at this point in time…


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