Young Tian Xai who tends to reek of booze.


A bit of a mystery, Kurama is always wearing long sleeves and matching gloves. He is careful to never show the bare skin of his hands and arms.

Friendly enough and looking for a good laugh, Kurama is the first to engage in conversation. That said, it isn’t always the most desirable outcome.

A young man of considerable talent has slowly allowed his skills to deteriorate over time as he continues to indulge in various substance abuse. While more than willing to discuss any odd topic, inquiring about his past or what he’s trying to forget usually doesn’t end well for all those involved.

Outspoken, Kurama does not like bullies nor does he care for hypocrites. He is currently employed as a treasure hunter. Lacking any genuine fear for his well being , he and his friend seek out treasure. His friends business is his own as long as the payday can be used to fuel his own vices.

In his travels small parts of his personality occasionally emerge. Kurama has been known to cook quite the meal.



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