Rise of the Runelords

2.7 - Shadows of Time

Arriving at the Shadow Clock, the PCs do some quick investigation asking the locals what they know or have heard about the tower. Warily entering, they are surprised by the guardian of the ground floor – a sentient flesh golem named the Scarecrow. Tough, but outnumbered, the construct eventually falls and the PCs make their way up the winding staircase.

Here on the stairs they encounter obstacle number two as one of the four bells hanging high above comes crashing down at the party. Lucky to avoid any major fall, the PCs manage to regain their composure and make their way to the top of the stair and defeat the next set of guardians – three faceless stalkers who prove to be no match for the PCs might.

Emerging out onto the rooftop, they find the living quarters of some unknown creature and go about snooping. As a demon manifests itself in the air, circling the top of the tower, a snake-like woman appears out of nowhere, trying to impale Ostarian. Quick to react, Kurama beheads the she-beast in one fell stroke before she could do any further damage to the wizard.

Searching her belongings they find quite a nice cache of treasure and a note;


Filling in the Lord-Mayor of the events that transpired, they PCs are thrown quite the celebration by the wealthy man and asked if they would do the city of Magnimar – and the region as a whole – a great service. Go to Turtleback Ferry and find out why the Black Arrows have gone silent.


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