Dwarin Grothfin


Known for it’s successful mining claims in the Mindspin Mountains, Janderhoff is a bustling Dwarven Sky Citadel and is home to the largest population of dwarves in Varisia. It is also home to some of the most reputable smiths in the region.

The economy is run off of the profits of the valuable metals such as iron and black marble, which is sold to other cities such as Korvosa. There are also extremely productive and valuable mithril claims that are present and any mithril that is produced is kept for Janderhoff with a small percentage going to the family that is in charge of that particular claim. Some mining claims produce more mithril than others and naturally there is a lot of politicking as to which family gets to mine which claim. While on the surface everything appears to be normal, secretly, families gripe and talk among themselves regarding how the claims are handed out.

Unfortunately, Dwaren found out that his family took the matter into their own hands and conspired with a group of goblins to sabotage a particular mining operation for their own personal gain. Sickened by the fact that his own family would do such a thing, Dwaren left Janderhoff for Magnimar to make a name for himself and restore what little credibility his family had left him with.

Dwarin Grothfin

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